This Week: Crypto Unicorn’s Fall Guys-inspired game Rainbow Rumble is live

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Rainbow Rumble is go, go, go

Crypto Unicorn-developer Laguna Games has launched Fall Guys-inspired browser game Rainbow Rumble. You’ll need at least one Crypto Unicorns NFT and some RBW tokens to play as wagering on events is one of the key components of the gameplay.

The price of RBW has jumped over 200% in the past 30 days in response.

Nine Chronicles is big in Korea

South Korean developer Planetarium has announced that its newly launched RPG Nine Chronicles M, a forked and improved version of its 2021 original PC game Nine Chronicles, has been downloaded over 100,000 times and is also the #1 downloaded mobile RPG in the Korean Apple App Store.

The onchain game is also available on the Google Play store.

Early show-and-tell in Dragginz‘ Meadowland

Dragginz has released Meadowland, which offers a very early – “not even alpha” – glimpse of future game features in its open-world adventure MMORPG that runs on the ICP blockchain. The client is available to download for PC and Mac.

Mojo Melee builds out its mojo

As well as preparing for its new Frozen Fates seasons which looks like it will lift the level 20 cap on champions, auto-chess battler Mojo Melee is also teasing its new Mod-able feature, which will allow players to customize their Mojo characters.

Hype building for Hytopia

There’s plenty going on at Hytopia, which as well as its ongoing playtest – apply here – has also just dropped its new whitepaper, which highlights its attempt to make Hytopia as seamless an experience as possible for player and creators.


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