WAX leveraging Solana to expand cross-chain memecoin WUF

With no shortage of blockchain games looking to leverage the current upward momentum, airdrop events are flurrying left and right. And it seems not only game developers are announcing airdrops as a way to gain attraction and engagement. 

Web3 gaming ecosystem WAX recently dropped details of its new memecoin WUF, and has started a token airdrop aimed at current WAX token holders.

Wuffi is meant to work as an incentivization token for third-party game developers within WAX’s ecosystem and has partnered up with marketplace NFTHive and AtomicHub games including Landbox, Music Mogul, FGL and Brawlers.

Currently integrated with Solana, which has become increasingly associated with its memecoin airdrops, WUF will eventually work cross-chain and expand to more networks. We asked WAX Studios Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli why the team chose to partner with Solana first.

“It is hard to deny the power of Solana and its community. Just as we have seen the incredible dedication of the WAX community, we believe the Solana community is also incredibly well positioned to help us achieve our mission of a larger and stronger web3 community,” said Rubinelli. “We continue to evaluate additional chains for expansion,” he added.

Curious about the inception of WUF, we asked Rubinelli to give us some background to the project. 

“The Wuffi team has decades of collective experience in making games, including a number of web3 titles. We have been thinking for a while about a way to both highlight and unify web3 projects using a token like Wuffi.”

Considering how some prominent meme-coin airdrops have panned out lately, it’s anything but a guaranteed way to build community trust – indeed it can have the exact opposite effect. 

To this, Rubinelli points out that the team has “experience of running high quality games and projects that will allow us to run Wuffi in a manner that places community before greed. Our mission is to help grow the web3 community, and we believe the excitement around our token is because our community believes in the same mission we do.”

And how will the team prevent a pump-and-dump scenario?

“It is impossible for us to directly impact such a scenario as it is market driven. However, our objective is to enhance the utility of our token through collaboration with our extensive network of partners. This collaborative effort aims to deliver unparalleled value for the token holders across all of the partners’ projects to encourage those holders to support the project and not simply dump and move on, which has been the case for other projects with a less robust use case.”

Find out more about Wuffi via its website.

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