How My NFT Wars is making better blockchain games

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Maksym Illiashenko is the co-founder and CEO of My NFT Wars.

When web3 gaming first emerged, blockchain 2.0 was still in its infancy. Developers were just starting to explore applications for blockchain that extended beyond currency. And gaming seemed like it could be a natural fit. However, most early web3 gaming projects were driven by hype and quick profit and players who invested in these games were left disappointed and disillusioned. 

Take for example CryptoKitties, which debuted in 2017 after the launch of Ethereum. The game gained significant popularity for allowing users to buy, sell and breed non-fungible digital cats. It cleverly demonstrated the potential for NFTs and even comprised over 25% of Ethereum network activity at one point. However, the game’s success was short-lived due to a lack of innovative and engaging mechanics, causing asset values to drop. 

Fortunately, web3 game developers have learned a lot from this cautionary tale. Its downfall serves as a reminder of the importance of quality gameplay, sustainable economies and engaging user experiences. And to help web3 game developers incorporate these elements, I’ve created a three-part case study that references how we applied them to My NFT Wars. We’ll start with enhancing game quality.

Enhancing Game Quality

In today’s gaming industry, quality is the name of the game. Players have grown increasingly discerning over the years, and they now expect an exceptional experience from every game they play. As a result, Web3 game developers must create high-quality games that tick all the right boxes and offer an immersive experience to their users. Let’s take a look at the seven areas game developers should focus on to enhance game quality.

1. Gameplay: Gameplay is the backbone of any game, and as such, it must include well-designed game mechanics, logical rules and balanced structures that promote fair play. Players should feel like they’re in control while playing your game, and they should be able to master the game over time. You can achieve this by testing the game extensively before launch and soliciting feedback from beta testers. This feedback has been instrumental in developing My NFT Wars and continues to shape what the finished product will be.

At the core of My NFT Wars are game mechanics that create an immersive experience for players while promoting strategic thinking and creative problem-solving. From troop training to acquiring resources, the game’s mechanics revolve around an intricate ecosystem that will challenge players to discover new strategies with every game.

2. Visual aesthetics: First impressions matter, and the same is true for games. High-quality graphics, animations and design elements significantly contribute to a game’s appeal. It helps to create a visually stunning game that immerses the player and draws them into the game’s world. To do this, you need to ensure that the graphics are of high quality and that the animations are smooth with no visual artifacts. 

For My NFT Wars, we rely on industry-proven tools and a staff of extremely talented artists to meticulously craft elaborate designs that ensure an immersive and visually pleasing experience. We aim to make My NFT Wars look and feel like what a gamer would expect from any leading MMORPG. We are also working on an intuitive user interface that offers players a seamless experience in the game, from easy navigation to smooth transitions.

3. Sound design: A high-quality game must also have an excellent sound design. Quality sound effects, background music and voice acting enhance immersion and give depth to the gameplay. Designers must pay attention to the sound design and ensure it enhances the game’s story and gameplay. They must also ensure the sound is mixed and balanced correctly without drowning out important audio cues.

4. Story and narrative: A compelling storyline and captivating characters can turn a good game into a great one. In today’s world, players expect more than just a rehash of the same old storylines. They want a unique and immersive experience with well-developed characters players can relate to. To create a compelling narrative, you must put in the extra effort to develop a unique premise that provides an engaging storyline.

Our narrative designers have worked tirelessly to craft a universe that tells a unique story. My NFT Wars immerses players in an impressive universe filled with intriguing creatures, heroic characters and unique worlds. Each world carries its distinct story, resonating with themes players might encounter in their real-world journey. The narrative framework creates an immersive gaming experience that translates to players’ real-life experiences, ensuring the gaming experience feels personal and familiar.

5. User Interface and User Experience: A high-quality game offers a smooth, intuitive, and easily navigable interface. Players should be able to find their way around the game quickly and easily, with minimal friction. Logical rules and balanced systems are a key part of this. 

With My NFT Wars, we are setting up logical rules and establishing balanced systems that create an even playing field for everyone, where every player is given a real chance to win. Our team has spent considerable time researching and developing the perfect balance that promotes equitable gameplay and keeps the competition healthy. To help achieve this, the team does thorough play testing and A/B testing to make sure the UI/UX is ready before launch. We are also taking feedback from beta testers and making modifications where necessary.

6. Performance and stability: One of the most critical elements of a good game is performance and stability. A quality game performs reliably across various devices and platforms and is free from glitches, bugs and crashes that can disrupt gameplay and frustrate players. This is often an ongoing process. As such, with My NFT Wars, we will continuously improve the game’s performance, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience for our players. 

For developers to do this well, they need to ensure that their game runs smoothly on the platform you’re launching it on and that it’s optimized to run well on other devices too. They should also make sure the game has low resource requirements, ensuring that it runs well even on lower-end devices. For My NFT Wars, we use development methods like microservices and module architecture to help improve performance and stability. We also conduct rigorous performance and stability testing with standard tools and methods, including testing on different devices with different setups, etc.

7. Replayability: As a gamer, nothing beats immersing yourself in a game for hours on end, exploring new worlds and taking on new challenges. However, the excitement eventually fades, and the game becomes stale. As game developers, it’s essential to create something that keeps players engaged over time. And that’s where replayability comes in.

For My NFT Wars, replayability involves elements like varied gameplay, unlockable content, difficulty levels, multiplayer options and new worlds. By focusing on these elements, we aim to keep players engaged over a longer period of time.

The seven areas we’ve looked at are the key to enhancing game quality. In the next article, I will discuss the importance of sustainable economies and how web3 game developers can create them.

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