Zombie Battleground – nearly 8,000 cards sold since marketplace launch

Zombie Battleground has a truly dedicated fanbase

Zombie Battleground is known for the highly supportive fans that it’s had since the beginning. From the beginning of its KickStarter campaign, for example, fans were able to push it over the goal with months to spare.

Now, with the team having successfully launched its marketplace back in February, we’re seeing these same fans at work. Just over a month on, and the team has announced that nearly 8,000 cards have been traded by its community.

It goes without saying that people are excited for zombies like these. What helps is that the team has since included Binance as a means of payment, which is likely drawing in more users.

Can we expect this number to increase at speed? Being one of the titles based on Loom, it opens the door to far more gamers over multiple chains and currencies. Especially as the network becomes useable on EOS and TRON.

If you haven’t had the chance already, take a look at the game’s trailer.

Check out the Zombie Battleground team here.

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