Battle Racers gets set for start of its pre-sale on May 15th

The race is nearly upon us

Battle Racers officially has a countdown now, as May 15th is when it begins its NFT pre-sale. Over the course of the sale, players will be able to purchase a range of assets, varying in rarity. Made up of a series of chests, each containing four randomized parts, all of which are only available through this sale.

For those fortunate enough to obtain some exclusive parts, each will boast a ‘Prime Edition’ tag. Along with an even smaller amount being Elite tagged or even Legendary, allowing for slightly or far higher level caps.

The creative director and co-founder of Altitude Games, Luna Javier believes that this pre-sale will get players’ creativity flowing.

“The item pre-sale will give players and collectors the chance to get exclusive car parts that no one else will have.” Javier continues.

“It’s the first time that blockchain gamers can take part in our game’s development – to see, own, and very soon race the cars that they can build from parts in our pre-sale. They will become our very first batch of racers.”

Gold Crate

  • Cost: 0.7 ETH
  • Number of crates for sale: 1140
  • Drop rates: Common 20%, Rare 50%, Epic 30%
  • Legendary Drop Chance – 4.2084%

Silver Crate

  • Cost: 0.3 ETH
  • Number of crates for sale: 2280
  • Drop rates: Common 40%, Rare 50%, Epic 10%
  • Legendary Drop Chance – 1.8036%

Bronze Crate

  • Cost: 0.1 ETH
  • Number of crates for sale: 2945
  • Drop rates: Common 60%, Rare 35%, Epic 5%
  • Legendary Drop Chance – 0.6012%

Wood Crate

  • Cost: 0.035 ETH
  • Number of crates for sale: 3420
  • Drop rates: Common 80%, Rare 17%, Epic 3%
  • Legendary Drop Chance – 0.2104%

Users will be able to purchase these chests with Fiat, ETH or MANA, thanks to integration with Metamask and the Nifty Gateway. The latter of which means users will be able to buy chests using a credit card.

The pre-sale itself will begin on May 15th – 10:00am EDT (GMT-4), 7:00am PDT (GMT-7), and 4:00pm CET (GMT+2).

For more information about Battle Racers, visit the website.

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