Football Universe launches Kickstarter

Football Universe has kickstarted on Kickstater

Fundraising campaigns are an arduous task for blockchain game titles, with the past providing some credible examples. One of the newest projects to get started on Kickstarter is Football Universe.

Inspired by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) range of football games. The development team seeks to bring all of the excitement of the stadium to the world of blockchain.

“It combines the idea of owning player cards in the same way the Ultimate Mode of FIFA does with a football manager experience where you are in charge of choosing a starting eleven and give team and player instructions (See more in the influences section).”

While the development team makes use of Ethereum. This does raise further questions about how it will be able to scale over time.

In total, the team has taken to Kickstarter in order to raise approximately €30,000 over the next month.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

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