IOST is officially supported by DappRadar

Dappradar opens the door to IOST

IOST has been steadily on the rise these past few months, with its transactions rapidly outperforming competitors. Among them was Ethereum, which IOST has managed to outperform on a reliable basis. Moreso thanks to the gradual inclusion of more and more dApps since its launch.

Another achievement by the platform is the announcement that it is now listed alongside major chains on DappRadar. This means that an extensive list of new and existing dApps on IOST will be showcased on the popular analytics platform.

“Our goal at DappRadar is to provide the most accurate data about the fast-growing dapp ecosystem and so we’re excited to add IOST to our coverage.” Skirimantas Januškas, the CEO of DappRadar commented.

“We’re in the early stages of a new industry and I believe providing the most trustworthy data and actionable insights will be vital for fulfilling its potential in terms of creating decentralized products that will provide new experiences and services.”

Currently, according to Dappradar, there are over 15 dApps featured within the IOST ecosystem, with more being added over time.

For more information about its dApps, visit the website.

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