Containment Corps brings in multiverse assets with update 0.2.0

0.2.0 is bringing the multiverse closer to players

Back in April, we reported on the introduction of Containment Corps both to Steam, and the Enjin multiverse. Since then, the team has been making some changes to the game, bringing more of the multiverse with it. At least, that’s from what we can see with its 0.2.0 update which landed this week.

Cats In Mechs ‘Howling Howitzer’ manifests as a unique turret

One of the more expected digital assets to come to the game is Forest Knight‘s wooden set.

Mainly because these operate as ‘clean slate’ assets which other developers can use project their own items onto.

Along with Forest Knight, Cats In Mechs is bringing its ‘howling howitzer’ to the game as well.

While we can’t say how the Forest Knight items will operate within Containment Corps, it takes us closer to a real asset use-case.

Along with this new interoperability, the update includes some improvements to User Experience and interface.

FIO token grab

With an improved tutorial and onboarding,  the dev team is also giving away 50 FIO tokens for those competing in the game. All users need to do is sign up through Steam, compete in-game and the more kills you rack up, the more likely players are to win some tokens.

For more information about the game, check out the Steam page here.

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