CryptoWars kicks off special CryptoChicks event on 31 May

The game is on as of May 31st

With more tournaments coming the players way, CryptoWars is kicking off June with its exclusive CryptoChicks event. This event will be the first of nine to be supported by the digital governance platform and stablecoin – MakerDAO.

Experimental has, for its tournaments, placed a special emphasis on the ability of players to monetize their time. With the CryptoChicks event, the team will be offering a prize pool of 200 DAI, and it’s looking like that amount is going to increase very soon.

In preparation for this tournament, the Experimental team made some updates to the platform. One of these likely being the inclusion of Maker’s stablecoin to the range of payment solutions players can use.

Longer-term, players will also be able to purchase in-game assets and skins using DAI. Find out more about the partnership here, and stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Experimental and Maker.

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