CryptoKitties coming to Decentraland

Picture frames are shots into another world and time. But for CryptoKitties, these allow players to bring their kitties into the virtual world of Decentraland. This is one of the new mechanics introduced by the CryptoKitties team in order to really delve deeper into item interoperability.

The developers have been making a habit of collaborating with other projects, as we previously saw with MegaCryptoPolis.

The picture frame is what allows users to pull their chosen kitty right into any scene in Decentraland.

Specifically, this relates to Dapper users, thanks to it being fully functional across both titles.

So here’s what players need to do in order to make this happen:

  • Navigate to Decentraland’s Builder and log in with your Dapper wallet
  • Scroll down the Item Drawer until you find Picture Frames
  • Select the Kitty you want to show off and drop it in the place of honour in your digital home!

Visit the website here to find out more.

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