Axie Infinity sale ‘over in minutes’ on Battle Racers

With more than 600 parts being added to the Battle Racers roster within 150 exclusive chests. The Axie Infinity sale promised to be an interesting inclusion to the chest sale. Interesting turned out to a remarkable understatement, however.

With the beginning of its exclusive chest sale, beginning over the weekend, successfully concluded in mere minutes. That’s according to the team on June 7th. Ultimately, this led to a further 15 ETH added to the game’s coffers.

It’s easy to say that the ‘competitive’ price of these Axie chests mean it’s no surprise that the sale was over before it began. That and players were enthusiastic to get behind Axie Infinity, and build themselves a unique racer.

Be sure to check out the on-going pre-sale right here.

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