‘A Three Hour War’ – CryptoWars announces shortest ever tournament

It was only a matter of week when the Experimental team set out to make every weekend in June a fun one. Hosting a series of tournaments in collaboration with MakerDAO. These competitions serve as a fun way to really show how CryptoWars can be played by those looking to monetize their time.

More recently the team has been steadily changing up the time-limit in order to crank up the intensity for players. While the latest example of this was the eight-hour competition. The team is back with its newest competition – running for only three hours.

While this gets players to really lock down how to play the game.

The added positive for the development team must be to really stress-test the number of transactions it can juggle.

For those that recall, Experimental had managed to crash Loom in the early stages thanks to its very enthusiastic players.

So, with 200 DAI on the line, there’s a lot for players to compete for and a good deal for the Experimental team to learn.

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