Metamask goes mobile with its beta

MetaMask has gained an interesting and mixed reputation as a browser wallet. Being among the first to provide players with access to various dApps, it approached the issue of onboarding friction head-on. But with the introduction of its brand new mobile wallet, the team wants to streamline user experiences.

Over the course of DevCon 4, the team had the express desire to create a mobile application. All in order to make blockchain gaming far more accessible than it was just a couple of years ago.

Accessibility appears to be on the top of the agenda with its beta launch. Both in the interface and that it claims to offer one-click onboarding for users. This process relates to both the mobile and browser wallet, allowing users to sync up their existing browser wallet with their new mobile one.

Between mobile users, this beta iteration offers users the potential to rapidly send ERC20 tokens to one another. While also offering users the ability to complete these transactions without gas fees. Raising the question of whether it’s through a side-chain or taking the tokens off-chain in order to move them.

MetaMask, through the solutions that it intends to provide, appears to be emulating the success of Enjin’s wallet. Including providing users with a QR code scanning solution, Instant payment solutions, along with optimized security measures.

In additions, users will have access to Mainnet, Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan and Goerli networks/testnets to try out various dApps.

Be sure to check out the full announcement right here.

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