Top performing dapps for July 2019

Welcome to this months look into the top performing dApps in the world of Ethereum gaming! We’ve seen a couple of brand new additions over the past few months such as Cheeze Wizards and 0xRacers among others.

And while we’re seeing them in their very early stages, they have every potential to shake up our rankings in the near future.

All we can do is take a look at just how these games are performing on Ethereum to be sure. As previously mentioned, we’ll be taking a look at dApps performing well under the following metrics:

  • Monthly Active Users
  • Number of transactions
  • Total Volume

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Top Performing dApps – Monthly Active Users

My Crypto Heroes

Monthly Active Users – 4,055

The Double Jump.Tokyo development team has really managed to raise the profile of its game. My Crypto Heroes having managed to rack up an increased number of users, thanks in part to its game mechanics, and inclusion to an already substantial roster of heroes.


Monthly Active Users – 3,674

Player engagement is the name of the game for the 0x Team. 0xUniverse, along with its increasing number of games in development encourage players to get involved deeper with the mechanics.

Looks like its approach is paying off.



Monthly Active Users – 1,569

While the Dapper Labs team has seen the MAU’s of Cryptokitties slip over the past month. If anything, we’re seeing a great deal of attention being placed on its ‘Kittyverse.’

With the securing of partnerships both with Decentraland and the NBA. Will we see these cats bounce?

Number of Transactions


Transactions – 123,773

With its mobile version hitting it off with users. It stands to reason that with ease of use, an increased rate of transactions would follow. This is one of the first times that the 0xUniverse has managed to outpace the likes of Cryptokitties.


Number of Transactions – 103,906

While it’s slipped downwards in the number of monthly users. It makes sense that the game will continue to have a high volume of transactions with players breeding specific qualities and ‘Cattributes.’ Especially as the Dapper Labs team partners up with MegaCryptoPolis and its own titles like Cheeze Wizards.

My Crypto Heroes

Transactions – 87,623

With its recently secured second partnership with Gumi Cryptos, the Double Jump team could capitalize on an instant jump in traffic. But also in longer-term interest from the Japanese market.

Its collectables and adventuring model certainly helps get it the ‘silver’ in transactions.

Total Volume

Gods Unchained

Total Volume – 538 ETH ($119,000)

It makes sense that the Gods Unchained team would be carrying around a high level of volume, even as the rate of traffic and transactions go down. It, of course, has its grand plans of operating as an esports platform. As a result, we will certainly be seeing this same volume being depleted once its competition is concluded.


Total Volume – 515 ETH ($113,000)

Hyperdragons made some pretty sweeping improvements to the game this past month. Even with a relatively lean user base, it makes its total monthly revenue all the more impressive


My Crypto Heroes

Total Volume – 503.7 ETH ($110,000)

With the inclusion of new heroes on a recurring basis. It stands to reason that it can rack up a pretty impressive ETH volume.



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