FreeLoadr kicks off referral programme for its crypto gaming project

The sharing economy is alive and thriving in the world of blockchain. And the associated world of gaming is certainly no exception to it, and actually provides a really good number of applications.

One of these being FreeLoadr, an online gaming market that allows users to share their computing power. All of which goes to the aid of the company’s mining efforts. With contributors earning tokens that can be used to buy a wide range of games from its associated marketplace.

In order to really entice users into trying out the platform, the team has announced a brand new referral bonus programme.

The team has kept it very straight forward for those interested. All they need to do is provide a unique referral link for others to use. If they sign up, both the new joiner and the referrer earn a bonus 50,000 points.

At this moment in time, FreeLoader, in spite of being in open beta, already boasts a lengthy library. Being in partnership with both Origin and Steam means that it allows access to over 2,500 game titles.

“The launch of the referral programme will further propagate the FreeLoadr product amongst the gaming community, which ultimately has a significant impact on our hashing power,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “This is one of a number of developments and new features, which will be announced in due course.”

For more information about FreeLoadrs, visit the website.

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