Kriptomat announces winners of its very first Dragon Riders giveaway

“It’s a great time for crypto and blockchain.” According to the Kriptomat team, especially for those participants of its recent giveaway. Even more so, considering the fact that the digital exchange has played a firm hand in the distribution of over 80,000 NFTs to its community members.

Its giveaway included an impressive number of applications, with 14,000 of them being filed by nearly 900 users. Among them are more than 100 Dragons and 200 Eggs, the former of which included:

  • 4 Golden Dragons
  • 8 Silver Dragons
  • 12 Purple Dragons
  • 16 Blue Dragons
  • 20 Red Dragons
  • 20 Brown Dragons
  • 20 Black Dragons

Once the team has introduced its rewards program over this week. Users will be able to login to the Kriptomat platform and claim your prizes. With NFTs being readily available to play across 20 titles.

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