Brave browser adds ‘Metamask-like’ Crypto Wallets feature for tokens and dapps

Slowly going more decentralized

As the dapp ecosystem grows, we’re seeing a renewed interest in the importance of wallets, both for identity and discovery.

And Brave is responding. It’s just announced Crypto Wallets.

Currently only available in the Dev and Nightly builds of the browser, it’s a client-side Ethereum wallet that supports ETH, what Brave calls “most standard Ethereum tokens & collectibles” (including Brave’s native BAT token), and dapps.

Opening up

Positioned as a Metamask-type (non-custodial) wallet within the Brave browser (it uses the same open source codebase as Metamask), this means you can’t transfer BAT tokens between the integrated Brave Rewards wallet and your Crypto Wallet.

This is something Brave is working towards, however. Eventually it expects to allow users to directly transfer tokens between their Brave Rewards wallets (which are currently managed by the hosted/centralized Uphold wallet service that’s Brave’s default option) and the Crypto Wallet.

You’ll also be able to control the private keys currently handled by Uphold, although that will likely require some form of KYC process to meet US and international regulations.

You can read more about Crypto Wallets on Brave’s community page

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