Infinity Star is the latest blockchain game to use Dai stablecoin

South Korean developer Nodebrick is the latest blockchain game studio to collaborate with MakerDAO and use its Dai stablecoin.

It’s using Dai for its forthcoming RPG Infinity Star as a payment system through the OpenSea in-game item marketplace, as well as a reward currency for players. It may use Dai as the currency for the sale of certain seasonal and high value NFTs too.

The reason, according to a post on Nodebrick’s Medium is using a stablecoin for pricing makes it easier for users to understand the value of game items without worrying about cryptocurrency price volatility.

Using Dai to connect games and DeFi

Infinity Star isn’t the first game to use Dai however.

Axie Infinity has integrated Dai as payment system for certain items, as well as rewarding new MakerDAO users with limited edition Axie NFTs for a time.

CryptoWars is also using Dai as a reward for winners of its regular beta testing competitions, while EOS-based app store ITAM Games is using Dai as one of its in-store currencies.

More significantly, though, are the opportunities to use Dai to combine the blockchain gaming and DeFi ecosystems.

As Matias Nisenson, the CEO CryptoWars’ developer Experimental, points out using Dai and its associated financial products means “Players could potentially lend money to other villages as loans”.

For its part, MakerDAO views gamers as a prime potential audience to drive the mainstream adoption of Dai specifically and blockchain more generally.

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