Enjin celebrates launch of Enjin Marketplace with 4,000 item giveaway

Continuing its masterplan to build out the first blockchain gaming ecosystem, Enjin has announced its item marketplace has gone live.

Fully integrated with existing products such as its EnjinX explorer and Enjin mobile wallet, the Enjin Marketplace is now live for trading Ethereum NFTs.

Supporting the ERC1155 standard, users can buy and sell items from the dozens of games supporting Enjin.

Indeed, one of the advantages of the standard is that you can buy multiple assets from multiple trades in a single transaction, saving on gas.

An integrated approach

The flow is designed to work best with users checking out items for sale on the marketplace on the web and then using their mobile wallet and each item’s QR to manage the transaction.

As with similar item marketplace OpenSea, Enjin takes a 2.5% cut of every item sold.

And to celebrate the launch, Enjn is giving away over 4,000 items, which are backed by 30,000 ENJ (worth around $1,800).

You can check out more details at the Enjin website

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