The Sandbox launches its second LAND pre-sale

Following its successful first land pre-sale in December 2019, The Sandbox has launched its second pre-sale.

To recap, the first pre-sale saw the sale of 2.5% of The Sandbox’s total land – 3,000 parcels – which sold out within 4 hours.

The second pre-sale will see a further 5% of the total land sold; each parcel of land is an ERC721 NFT and will sell at a discount of 30%.

The Sandbox has also linked up with other blockchain game companies such as CryptoKitties, Neon District and Reality Clash to encourage their communities to buy land near the land owned by these companies.

In terms of the utility of land within The Sandbox, it’s a persistent, unique location, which players will be able to use to host experiences using The Sandbox’s in-game assets.

You can check out the pre-sale here

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