0xGames runs out of money; games no longer supported

Russian developer 0xGames has announced it’s closing down. 

A heartfelt blog post details the company’s troubled history in terms of the challenges it’s faced raising investment to pay for operations since it was formed in 2017. 

Launching with 0xUniverse in 2018, the company was backed by a single investor but because blockchain gaming didn’t grow as expected, 0xGames entered 2020 without any external funding. 

Ongoing issues such as the high gas fees on Ethereum and delays to the company’s planned transition to Matic Network meant that by September, it could no longer fund operations for 0xUniverse or other titles such as 0xWarriors, and the uncompleted 0xRacers.

Negotiations with a new investor fell through, leaving the company with no choice but to stop ongoing development.

This means that all projects will now still run on their various blockchains – 0xGames ran on Ethereum, TRON, EOS and NEO – but there will be no support and no new in-game items will be sold. 

Players will still be able to trade items, of course, with any commission received used to pay for hosting costs. 

In the meantime, 0xGames will continue to search for new investors but things don’t look too hopeful.

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