Dark Country launching on Flow with land NFT pre-sale in May

Trading card game Dark Country has announced it’s coming to the Flow blockchain.

Previously announced for the WAX blockchain, the American Gothic-themed game will launch on Dapper Labs’ blockchain with a pre-sale sometime in May. 

Interestingly, the game will operate across multiple chains via its Dark Country Lands. 

Each of these NFTs provide access to quest zones and generate the in-game currency called Shadow Dimes. 

In future it will also be possible to create buildings and host games on Lands, which will increase each NFT’s influence, generating more Shadow Dimes in the process. 

During its Flow sale, 4,000 land NFTs – organised in terms of rarity – will be available for purchase. 

Prices range from 7 FLOW (around $250) for a single land NFT to 60 FLOW (around $2,400) for 10 land NFTs. Land rarity is random but based on probability.

User will have to use the Blocto wallet and pass whitelisting. 

You can get more details from the Flow website

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