Neon raises $10.5 million for blockchain FPS Shrapnel

The Seattle-based game development studio Neon has raised over $10.5 million for its brand-new shooter Shrapnel. It makes for a very interesting choice on the part of the team, but they have their sights fixed on creating a triple-A experience for blockchain gamers.

Leading the investment round was Griffin Gaming Partners, along with Polychain Capital and Forte. Along with putting up funds, the Forte team will also be providing technical support for Shrapnel via its game development platform.

While collectability and visual aesthetic through cuteness is the state of play for other developers, Neon aims to break the mould; creating one of the most immersive experiences available in the blockchain gaming world.

Comprised of a team with considerable experience; with employees coming from Xbox, Electronic Arts, HBO, Irrational, and Zombie Studios among others. What’s more, it boasts a team that had previously worked on BAFTA and Emmy-award winning games.

The company founder and CEO Mark Long is a longstanding leader in the gaming industry who spun off the studio from HBO.

With any other tech behind them, creating a F2P shooter would be “folly”, by Long’s own admission. But harnessing blockchain brings together the economic transparency of the former, with the modding culture of mainstream games.

“I look back to the 1990s, and I loved modding Quake and America’s Army and there is something about that joy that I want to return to with this title,” Long said in an interview with VentureBeat.

While efforts are placed on getting Shrapnel built, Neon is still in the process of staffing up. Those looking for a new role with an exciting startup in Seattle, sign up here.

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