Solana-powered MixMob raises $7 million in investment funding

Powered by the Solana blockchain, MixMob has successfully raised over $7 million in funding. Spearheaded by Defiance Capital, the company was followed by investment from a number of major VCs, like Ascensive Assets, Not3lau Capital, IOSG and notable individuals such as Kieran Warwick co-founder of Illuvium, Loi Lui co-founder of Kyber and Danish Chaudhry CEO and founder of

“This appreciable injection of capital will allow us to achieve our strategic objectives over the coming months and years,” said the platform’s CEO and Game Director Simon Vieira. 

“The play-to-earn sector is showing no signs of slowing down, and by offering something vastly different to what already exists in the space, we firmly believe MixMob will prove to be a hit with the creative community.”

As a title, MixMob is self-described as a mashup of music, fashion, art and cinema all in a single metaverse title. Within the game, players are able to build up their collection of NFTs, use breeding mechanics to create new ones, and participate in its MMO / P2E experience too. The project also boasts a skilled staff, with experience working with major brands like FIFA, Halo, Battlefield, Nintendo, Disney, Nike, Adidas, and Pokerstars.

Even before this new influx of funding, MixMob has enjoyed its fair share of progress. For example, as part of phase I, the team built its strategy game and sold over 5,000 NFT masks in December 2021. Now, with this new funding, Phase II of the team’s roadmap will put the focus on expanding its MMO metaverse.

Check out the game’s trailer here:

To learn more about MixMob, visit the team’s website here.

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