NFTs on your watch? Tag Heuer to allow wearers to display their NFTs

While anyone that’s active on social media will have likely seen one of the eclectic mix of digital avatars, like BAYC, among others. Now, NFT holders can take their NFT-based bragging rights wherever they go, and showcase their token of choice on their watch.

Renowned for its exclusive watch line, Tag Heuer has announced that it will be launching a new line of watches – complete with the ability for the wearer to showcase their exclusive NFTs.

Taking to Twitter recently, the well-known watch maker openly shared its excitement for bringing the Apes to the world of watches.

This is a pretty exciting prospect for NFT and watch enthusiasts. So, what are some of the models that people can buy in order to show off their digital assets? Specifically, this is possible through TAG Heuer’s Connnected Watch – such as the Calibre E4.

This coming together of watches and NFTs is made possible thanks to a partnership between TAG Heuer and Ledger, which enables users to access and display their NFTs directly through their watch, without having to use any other software. In addition, the company also supports MetaMask, which opens the door to an extensive library of other NFTs.

New and existing Calibre E4 owners can enjoy this experience simply by updating the software via Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

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