Lickd Partners with Decentraland’s Vegas City to bring commercial music to the metaverse

Lickd, the UK-based ‘go-to’ platform for claims-free music for content creators, has announced the signing of a new and exclusive deal with Vegas City – a dedicated metaverse district within Decentraland – which will see Lickd providing commercial music for partners and tenants within Vegas City.

The partnership, which lasts for 24 months, will see Lickd offering a range of uniquely curated playlists along with radio channels dedicated to specific genres that visitors can readily listen in to on Vegas City’s music player – adding to the atmosphere of Decentraland’s neon hub.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lickd to be able to offer our partners and tenants in Vegas City access to a substantial catalogue of commercial music that, up until this point, has not been available,” said James Ashton, CEO of Vegas City. “Not only will this deal create huge value for our existing users, but it will open up a whole new horizon of possibility for musicians, labels and fans.”

As a music solution, Lickd provides an immensely valuable service for content creators across social media. One of the biggest challenges for streamers and creators online is developing unique content while avoiding the risk of copyright claims through the music they choose. With its pre-cleared music licensing, Lickd provides an accessible library of music for creators while offering a way for independent musicians to get established in the music industry.

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