Solana’s developer community plummets by 90% over 2022

While being lauded as one of the prominent challengers to Ethereum’s developer hegemony – numbers have declined for Solana. More specifically, throughout 2022, the number of developers on SOL has tumbled from 2,500 in January 2022 to just 75.

This news comes from data taken from Token Terminal, which records the peak as being at 2,453 back in the start of the year. Since then, and with some thanks to broader economic issues, that number has fallen dramatically over the year.

These metrics are based on Token Terminal’s criteria for an active developer, which centres around the number of commits made to a project’s GitHub repositories over 30 days.

Solana Developers scoff at the notion of decline

Of course, the metrics provided have faced criticism by developers in the Solana community, with some calling into question both the criteria and metrics. One developer mentioned how far more developers were on calls last week than Token Terminal’s numbers alluded to.

At the same time, Solana’s Twitter stated that thousands of developers were on the ecosystem, with even more programs being used daily.

Ethereum still outpaces other blockchains for developers

Even though developers of its metrics are raising questions, Token Terminal has also shown that Ethereum remains the front-runner for the number of developers.

From the chart below, Ethereum has 51 more ‘active developers’ than its two closest competitors – Cosmos and Cardano.

Source: Token Terminal
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