Bulls and Apes launches range of Dynamic NFTs

The NFT project – Bulls and Apes – has been going from strength to strength since the launch of its Genesis NFT launch last year. Developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, the company has since announced that it will launch 10,000 new Ape NFTs into its ecosystem.

What makes these digital assets so interesting is that they function as Dynamic NFTs – highly interactive based on the attributes of the digital asset. Dynamic NFTs allow them. owners to easily express themselves and personalise their NFT’s looks.

With full ownership of these NFTs, owners will have the power to modify and trade apes and their associated traits on the secondary markets with ease. Unique traits can be bought, sold and traded by harvesting the project’s native token – $METH.

The world of Bulls and Apes

Bulls and Apes built its ecosystem with a focus on passionate entrepreneurship. It achieves this by. offering NFT holders the opportunity to play the game with a broader financial strategy in mind, while also incentivising learning about creating passive income through asset ownership.

Broken up into chapters, each one provides players with the ability to learn more about the project’s broader ecosystem, before bringing them all together. Similar to other titles, the world is fleshed out in chapters with a substantial amount of help from community members.

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