FBI issues warning over scams in P2E games

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning over fake rewards and scams set within play-to-earn games by cyber criminals.

The federal entity explained that cyber criminals are currently using custom-created gaming applications that advertise huge rewards proportional to investments.

Along with this, criminals also use in-game mechanics and fake digital asset sales. Broadly, the bureau warned that criminals would also instruct their victims to create a dedicated crypto wallet, purchase cryptocurrency and buy into the game.

To add insult to injury, the scammers will also try to extort more money by informing victims that they can recover their money by paying fees.

FBI – how to avoid P2E Scams

While there’s little that users can do once they’ve fallen prey to one of these scams, the FBI stresses that players remain vigilant of any unsolicited messages of game invites that appear too good to be true.

More specifically, the bureau also gave specific tips on how players can defend themselves against these scams:

  • If you are invited to be part of a crypto-based game – create a dedicated wallet specifically for it. Doing so reduces the risk of all the player’s assets falling victim to a scammer.
  • Use a third-party blockchain-based explorer to check any balances of wallets you might use.
  • Make use of a third-party token allowance checker to check which sites you have granted permissions to.