Sky Mavis announces first thirdparty games on Ronin

Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis has announced the first set of blockchain games from external developers that will be launched on its Ronin blockchain.

Most significant is Icelandic/Chinese outfit Directive Games, which is bringing its topdown PC hero shooter The Machines Arena to Ronin. This is an outworking of its AR mobile game The Machines, which was released in 2017.

Up-to-this-point, Directive has been best-known for its forthcoming complex blockchain community strategy game Civitas. The Machines Arena offers a very different experience, however, being a fast, action team-based shooter, with various modes.

In Pushback, each team attempts to push a cart into the other team’s base, whereas Detonation is all about attackers attempting to plant a bomb and defenders trying to stop them. Other modes include a kill-based Skirmish and PVE mode Death Run.

Currently available to wishlist on Epic Games Store, find out more at The Machines Arena website.

Next up is Tribes Studio and its Tribesters IP. Founded by community leads at King and Scopely, this will launch with the Tribesters: Island of Solas open-world MMO.

Building up to this, Tribes will be working on launching a community engagement platform, which as well as onboarding audiences to Island of Solas, will be available for all games within the Ronin ecosystem.

Singapore-based will also be bringing its social platform of hypercasual through to midcore sports games — currently focused on cricket but expanding to basketball and soccer — to Ronin, while South Korean startup Bali Games is working on Axie-inspired mobile puzzle games. Its members previously worked on the hit Anipang series of puzzle games.

Game studios interested in building on the Ronin, can find out more here.

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