Com2uS’ Ace Fishing and Minigame Party are going blockchain

Com2uS, the South Korean studio best known for the Summoners Wars series, has announced two new titles, Ace Fishing: Crew and Minigame Party: Pocket Edition. The two upcoming games will run on XPLA, which is Com2uS’ blockchain. 

Both games are based on popular existing IPs and are scheduled for release in 2023. For Ace Fishing: Crew, pre-registration has started on the app stores. Meanwhile, pre-registration for Minigame Party: Pocket Edition is only available on Google Play Store, and announced to be available on the App Store soon.

“With both Ace Fishing: Crew and Minigame Party: Pocket Edition, we will provide enjoyable playing experiences for both existing fans and new users with new content,” commented the head of game business group Jihoon Han.

Han also added, “Among many of Com2uS’ games, Minigame Paradise was a legendary game that received national love, and we will develop the game into a global IP enjoyed by gamers worldwide beyond Korea.”

Just like other titles in the franchise,  Ace Fishing: Crew is all about fishing, with realistic graphics. Players can create a crew and then venture into the waters to grab the most coveted catch.

The two modes, Investigation and Expedition, let players earn in-game currency that can be exchanged for XPLA tokens. 

Minigame Party: Pocket Edition will see the Minigame Paradise return after 8 years. It includes 13 mini-games that are easy to play with simple and intuitive controls. Along with the mini-games, players can collect characters, skins, and costumes. Medals earned from quests can be exchanged for in-game rewards.

Pre-registration is open on Google Play Store, and players will get Koni, a limited edition character, along with Paradise Party Costume Set and 20 Normal Game Entry Tickets.

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