Sui and Intella X add most new games in May 2023

New monthly data from the Big Blockchain Game List shows that 58 games were added in May, of which 14 are currently live.

The top three blockchains with most added games were Sui, Intella X, which runs on top of Polygon, and Polygon.

Notably, 11 games were announced for Mysten Labs’ new Sui blockchain while nine were announced for Intella X, the Polygon-based gaming platform from South Korean game publisher Neowiz.

While the Big List has intentionally added some Indian projects, like ZuraVerse on Cosmos and Nautilus, and Playota on Polygon, the most striking trend is the addition of five new blockchains to the list;

  • Conflux which is home to Placewar,
  • Nautilus home to ZuraVerse,
  • K STADIUM home to Xeno Dragon,
  • Ternoa home to Rock Crawling and
  • Intella X home to Cats & Soup, A.V.A, Brave Nine, Crypto Gold Impact, EOS Gold, ERCC, House of Blackjack, House of Slots and House of Poker.

In line with the ever growing number of l2 chains, it comes as no surprise that a total of 86 up and running blockchains are currently on the list.

Finally, during May three blockchain projects also announced their termination and was moved to Discontinued, MechaFightClub on Solana, Kingdom Hunter on Wemix, and Axes Metaverse on BNB.

You can keep up-to-date with all the analysis of the data at the BigBlockchainGames website or check out the raw data here.

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