Solana-based Aurory goes cross-chain with Arbitrum

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The latest blockchain game to adopt Ethereum scaling technology Arbitrum is Solana multi-game universe Aurory, which will add the functionality through its own SyncSpace platform, something it labels a “hybrid on-chain/off-chain inventory management system”.

The news means that any on-chain assets for the various game experiences Aurory offers — including the AURY token, NFTs, eggs and skins — can exist on Solana or Arbitrum as long as players have deposited them into SyncSpace, which acts as a non-custodial but centralized database. This means it doesn’t generate any gas costs or require signed on-chain transactions but holders still control their assets.

“We have always imagined Aurory existing across multiple gaming ecosystems, and this is the first step in realizing that vision,” said executive producer Jonathan Campeau.

“With the launch of our social hub Blanche, our community is poised to expand into the universal Aurory experience our team has envisioned since its inception. We are excited that the Arbitrum community will be a part of this journey with us.”

Blanche is a simple onboarding experience which provides players with an early look into the Aurory universe, including 3D avatars, narrative lore and social interactions such as Speed Blitz battles. Previously limited to Solana NFT holders, as part of the new support for Arbitrum, there will be a one-week public event for Blanche starting Tuesday 1st August.

Find out more at the Aurory website.

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