NFL Rivals launches in-app NFT marketplace

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Following the soft launch of mobile football game NFL Rivals in June, Mythical Games has now launched its first proper season, Kickoff. Timed alongside the start of the new NFL season, Kickoff offers new packs, in-game and live events and game modes. 

In addition to the launch, NFL Rivals has opened an in-app marketplace which integrates its Mythical Market for trading NFTs. This enables users to trade their player cards in the game, without having to leave the app and access the market’s website. Items in the marketplace will be listed in Rivals Credits, the game currency that can be bought through the App Store and Google Play using IAPs. 

To date, NFL Rivals has seen nearly 2 million downloads on mobile and is the first NFL-licensed mobile game that’s built on web3 technology, allowing its players digital ownership with in-game utility to own, collect, and trade playable NFTs. 

“The incredible reception by fans during the pre-season of NFL Rivals blew us away,” said Mythical Games’ CEO John Linden. 

“Now, with the global launch of the game, we’re excited to give NFL fans an opportunity to play, build and own their very own team of licensed NFL players during the regular season.”

NFL Rivals is a free-to-play mobile-based web3 game available through the App Store and Google Play. For more details, visit the game’s website.

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