Mystic Moose launches NFT marketplace

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As fall is approaching on the planet of Mojos and Champions, game developer Mystic Moose has announced the launch of Planet Mojo Marketplace, providing players a platform to trade their Mojo Melee NFTs, which are on the Polygon blockchain.

Leveraging the integration of the Sequence wallet and infrastructure from Horizon Blockchain Game – although Metamask and WalletConnect are also supported – the marketplace will offer a secure platform for NFT trading, while also benefiting from fast credit card transactions and multi-chain support across the EVM ecosystem.

The news comes just ahead of Mojo Melee’s tournament Fall Faceoff, which is set to start Friday 1st September. Running across eight days, Fall Faceoff includes rewards for high scoring players of limited edition NFTs Mystery Mojos, Meerkat Champion NFTs, gem packs and more.

Qualifiers will run until September 8th, where players will be able to participate in duel matches, competing for the top 32 leaderboard spots. The final commences on September 9th.

In addition, Mojo Melee‘s promotion with Amazon Prime Gaming has moved into its second phase, with a new free NFT available for Amazon Prime members who’ve linked their accounts with the game.

Available to claim on the Prime Gaming dashboard until 26th September, the offer includes the Dawn Striker Champion and a Chroma Skin. Dawn Striker is a nocturnal panther predator with the power to leap great distances to close the gap on enemies and pull them toward her. 

Mojo Melee is an auto-chess battler set in the Planet Mojo universe. Deployed on Polygon, the game is available on browser as well as through Google Play and Apple App store.

For more details, visit the Mojo Melee website.

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