ZBD and Beamable launch starter kit for secure Bitcoin integration in games

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Building on its previously announced collaboration with US game development platform Beamable, Zebedee has announced the launch of ZBD Beamable starter kit. Aimed at supporting small developer teams and hypercasual game developers, the starter kit is designed to integrate Bitcoin transactions into web3 gaming more securely. 

With the starter kit, the integration of Beamable with ZBD’s plug-and-play API – which enables players to earn small quantities of Bitcoin while playing games – adds additional security. It does so by keeping sensitive information separate from the client-side of the game.

ZBD co-founder and Head of Gaming R&D Christian Moss, comments “Developing a secure game requires removing some of the logic from the game to the game server. Many developers, however, such as hypercasual mobile game developers, may not have the resources to develop and maintain a game server. Beamable provides these developers with server-like capabilities without the need for a server or any extra skills in addition to their existing game development skills.”

This is the next phase in the partnership between ZBD and Beamable, which have set out to support small developers looking to integrate Bitcoin-rewards in their games. By removing the need for a server or systems operations team, developers can integrate server-side features more effectively.

CEO of Beamable Jon Radoff adds, “Our aim has always been to lower the barrier to entry for developers and make it more cost-effective for them to add complex and secure server-side Bitcoin features. Working with ZBD not only makes the implementation of in-game transactions easier than ever, but also adds an all-important extra layer of security.”

The first Bitcoin-integrated mobile game to be built with the ZBD Beamable starter kit is slated for launch later in November. 

Developers can access the ZBD Beamable starter kit via Beamable’s marketplace.

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