Animoca boosts gaming on TON Blockchain, becomes largest validator

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TON blockchain has announced Animoca Brands has become its largest validator. While Animoca is already supporting many of TON’s gaming projects, this latest collaboration strengthens its intention to grow the TON ecosystem through funding, research and a public analytics dashboard.

TON, which is short for The Open Network, is an open source tech originally started by Telegram and since runs externally. One of the projects earmarked for Animoca Brands funding is gaming infrastructure TON Play, which allows gaming projects built on TON to launch directly onto Telegram. Additionally, the TON Play toolkit enables developers to port any existing web game directly inside Telegram, providing them an opportunity to reach its 800 million strong user-base.

Central to both TON and Animoca Brands have been the mainstream adoption of web3 through more seamless onboarding of web2 players. The user-friendliness of TON-based games and the scalability of TON blockchain are two aspects seen as elemental to the community’s growth.

Director of Growth at TON Foundation Justin Hyun, commented “Animoca Brands’ investment in The Open Network is a pivotal step towards the next era of blockchain-based gaming. Its new analytics platform and in-depth research reports represent alignment with TON Foundation’s mission.”

“Together, we will infuse Web3 seamlessly into the daily experiences of Telegram users, particularly in gaming, for a global audience to enjoy,” added Hyun.

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