Illuvium partners with esports heavyweight Team Liquid

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One of the largest esports teams in the world, Team Liquid, has joined forces with Illuvium on the release of PVP autobattler Illuvium: Arena. Eight streamers from Liquid will test the competitive modes of Illuvium: Arena, which recently launched early access on Epic Games.

The Australian-based developer behind Illuvium has been working on the game for three years. During that time, it’s grown to become one of the most anticipated web3 games. 

Team Liquid founder and co-CEO Victor Goossens commented, “We’ve been very impressed with the quality of Illuvium: Arena so far. Aside from the attention to detail that they’ve given to building their game world, their commitment to its competitive mode makes us confident that this will be a game that rewards skill and strategy. This is a unique project where both sides benefit from the other’s expertise, and we’re excited to start testing all that the game has to offer.”

In addition to the Arena mode going live, a limited-edition Team Liquid NFT collection of Illuvitars will launch on 12th December. There’s also a future prospect of Team Liquid participating in Illuvium: Arena tournaments.

Illuvium CEO Kieran Warwick commented, “Overcoming the scepticism around blockchain games is crucial, and the way forward is by delivering exceptional gaming experiences. Our collaboration with Team Liquid is a significant milestone in demonstrating that blockchain games, including those with NFTs, can offer engaging and deep gameplay experiences on par with traditional games.”

Apart from Arena, the expansive world of Illuvium includes city-builder Illuvium: Zero, in which players can generate fuel. Interconnected with its third title, open-world game Illuvium: Overworld, this fuel serves as a crucial resource used for travelling, crafting, and forging. The assets and characters gathered in Overworld can in turn be used in the Arena game.

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