Elixir Games acquires CyberTitans-dev LitLab Games

Web3 PC games distribution platform Elixir Games has acquired game publisher LitLab Games, best known for CyberTitans. During 2023, the multiplayer autobattler title, which also focuses on esports, was the most played game on the Elixir Launcher. 

Alongside casual mobile battler Tinies and ninja-themed battle royale No Way Back, CyberTitans marks the third major title under Elixir’s umbrella. 

Elixir Games CEO Carlos Roldan commented, “We are incredibly excited to welcome CyberTitans to the Elixir Games family. This acquisition underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and our forward-thinking approach to the future of web3 gaming.”

LitLab Games’ CEO, Danyil Shatko added, “The union of Elixir and LitLab Games positions us as the most innovative project within the web3 gaming industry. This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment as we set the stage for unparalleled innovation and excellence in the dynamic landscape of gaming.”

The strategic acquisition of LitLab Games cements Elixir’s intention to market itself among the leaders of PC game distribution platforms such as Ultra, Epic Games and Steam.

In September, the company, which is backed by Square Enix, highlighted a handful of exclusive deals with various blockchain games, of which the most prominent is World Eternal Online from US studio Core Loop. In addition, it’s currently preparing for a major update which will aim to unify its game ecosystem and unveil a new web3 strategy.

Check out the Elixir Games Launcher here.

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