Blocklords unveils LRDS token airdrop events

Time is ticking in the medieval world of Blocklords and with 38 days left of Bearslayer Season, developer MetaKing Studios has dropped details about its LRDS token airdrop event.

Serving as the ecosystem’s governance token, LRDS is also the main in-game currency. Players will be able to earn it through active gameplay in order to gain governance influence in the Blocklords ecosystem.

Players eligible for the airdrop – or GameDrop as it’s officially titled – have been divided into two categories.

One group contains players who hold a minimum of 5 hero NFTs in addition to a game account, connected wallet and sufficient gameplay time in the luggage. The other group is based on gameplay alone, and includes criteria such as level of Foreman House, number of new sectors unlocked on the map and battlepass progress.

As per the announcement, the GameDrop Snapshot has not yet been taken “but could be at any moment between now and the GameDrop”.

Meanwhile, web3 onboarding infrastructure Venly has partnered up with Blocklords‘ to launch a 2,000 LRDS token airdrop campaign, in a quest to help funnel web2 players into the game.

Available to both Venly Metaring holders as well as the Venly community, the campaign contains 2,000 LRDS, which will be distributed between a total of 40 winners, getting 50 LRDS each.

The 2-day airdrop event is live from Wednesday 24rd through Friday 26th January.