Spellborne adopts Sequence’s wallet solution

Horizon has announced its web3 gaming wallet solution has been fully integrated with Mon Studios’ Spellborne, marking the first time Sequence’s Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) is fully adopted by a game.

Horizon’s Sequence infrastructure is custom-built to remove the friction of web3 onboarding. More generally this WaaS solution offers:

  • Customizable player onboarding – meaning developers can leverage fully embedded signup and login processes using their native game aesthetics and authentication system, without third-party branding being involved.
  • Easier sign-ups – players can choose how to sign up, either through email, social media, or existing authentication credentials across any device. 
  • Two-factor authentication security – WaaS users don’t need to download an app, extensions, or add-ons.
  • Uninterrupted gameplay – no pop-ups or signing on-chain transactions.

When users sign up to a game, Sequence creates a wallet on the backend that enables in-game NFT checkouts via debit or credit card, gas fee sponsorship, and batched transactions, in any EVM compatible game.

“By integrating Sequence Wallet as a Service into their game, Mon Studios ensures that players can fully engage with the enchanting world of Spellborne without any disruptions or concerns about blockchain complexities. It is a game-changing solution that, for the first time in our space, enables custom, fully embedded, seamless web3 gaming experiences,” commented Sequence’s head of business development Carl Aspeling.

Previously known as Defimon, Spellborne is a mobile-first pixel-art style monster-catching MMORPG. At the back of raising $1.35 million in a recent seed funding round, Mon Studios is looking to launch the game at the end of February 2024, as well as continue work on its second title Guardians of Celestia

“At Spellborne, we recognize the importance of providing our players with a seamless, simple, and secure gaming experience. Integrating Sequence Wallet as a Service enables us to uphold our commitment to user convenience and safety, ensuring that our players can immerse themselves fully in our enchanting world without any worries about complexities usually associated with web3 and blockchain technology,” said Mon Studios founder Ghosty. 

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