Blast Royale, Storm Warfare and TapNation migrating to Immutable zkEVM

In 2023 we saw the number of games migrating to new blockchains, or adopting a cross-chain approach, increase. The start of 2024 has only enhanced this trend further, with at least 14 developers announcing they’re switching chains.

One of the leading networks onboarding existing titles from other ecosystems is Immutable. With its recently launched zkEVM mainnet, the company has revealed four games which are coming to its ecosystem.

French mobile game studio TapNation is adopting web3 technology by bringing two of its most popular hypercasual mobile games, Giant Rush and Parking Jam, to the network.

Head of web3 at TapNation Philippe Lenormand commented, “We are thrilled to start this new partnership with Immutable, one of the major players from the web3 ecosystem. We’re sure that together we’ll drive our web2 players into web3 and take them on an incredible new journey.”

A few days following the news, First Light Games announced its multiplayer mobile battle royale Blast Royale, which is currently deployed on Polygon, is migrating to Immutable zkEVM.

“I am supremely confident that Immutable and their technologies will make owning, trading and selling web3 assets among players as easy as downloading and installing a game on your phone”, said First Light Games co-CEO Anil Das-Gupta.

Finally, another title currently live on Polygon, TCG Storm Warfare from Janus Interactive Studios, has announced it’s integrating with Immutable zkEVM. In conjunction with the news, Janus Interactive also revealed a collaboration with Polygon Labs to enhance Storm Warfare’s blockchain infrastructure.

According to the announcement, Storm Warfare will also be the first full-version game to launch on Immutable’s zkEVM.

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