Rewards platform Forge joins forces with six gaming blockchains

Rewards gaming platform Forge recently transitioned from season 0 into its first full season. In conjunction with the launch, the platform also partnered with some of the most prominent web3 games, including Shrapnel, Pixels, Parallel, and more. Now the company has announced further collaborations with six different gaming ecosystems.

With the current web3 gaming revival, Forge has managed to attract a wide user base since launching in October 2023. In terms of numbers, it claims almost 300,000 users registered during beta, which included $50,000 in rewards via quests from 20 partner games and a weekly Forge bonus. Some of the first games to partner with the platform were The Sandbox, Mojo Melee, Blocklords, Pirate Nation, and Phantom Galaxies.

In wrapping up season 0, Forge announced some improvements could be expected in the following season, with one being faster and more transparent rewards distribution. 

To that end, the company is now extending its partnerships beyond game developers, to the ecosystems underpinning the games. Six networks – Avalanche, Immutable, Polygon, Ronin, Solana and Sui – are all part of the deal, which intends to enable smoother distribution of rewards directly via the platform.

More particularly, game developers will be able to track players’ progress and reward their engagement easier. In addition, Forge will also work closely with each network to pinpoint some of their most promising new titles to onboard to the hub.

Forge CEO Kun Gao commented, “We are thrilled to have our ecosystem partners supporting the Forge platform. They have been instrumental in helping the next generation of game developers, with Forge focused on connecting gamers with the next generation of games. It’s been fantastic building direct relationships with the major protocols that power gaming. Our missions are closely aligned, and we’re excited to work closely to drive interest and awareness for games on their platforms.”

Founded by Dennis Fong, Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao, and Cyence founder George Ng, Forge started as a project within GGWP, and launched in October 2023 at the back of raising $11 million in a seed funding round.

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