Sequence launches new Embedded Wallets tech

Canadian blockchain infrastructure platform Sequence has announced the launch of its Embedded Wallets product.

These are non-custodial smart contract wallets, which enable players to access web3 games using email or social media accounts, secure their accounts with 2FA, have the ability to simply recover their accounts, as well as buying assets using debit and credit cards.

Equally important for developers, they can streamline and customize the onboarding of their games across any EVM network, including options to use guest accounts for demo play, also leveraging enterprise-grade security across multiple platforms. For example, Embedded Wallets supports Unity, Unreal Engine and React Native.

Offered in what Sequence labels “wallet-as-a-service”, developers are charged on a usage basis with strategic pricing model available for select partners who want to access the full Sequence stack, including marketplaces, NFT mining, analytics, gasless transactions and other features.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Sequence Embedded Wallets as the latest innovation in our web3 development stack to empower developers and enhance player experiences,” said Sequence CEO Peter Kieltyka.

“Smart WaaS is a critical milestone in our journey to make web3 interactions intuitive, enjoyable, and accessible. It represents our commitment to making Sequence the most comprehensive solution for game developers, fostering secure, seamless, and privacy-compliant gaming experiences.”

Developers can find out more Embedded Wallets and Sequence’s other wallet options here.

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