Parallel drops details about forthcoming Solana-based AI sim Colony

Web3 game developer Parallel Studios has dropped further details about its AI-driven survival sim Colony. Although not expected to launch until 2025, the anticipation of the developer’s forthcoming title, which is integrated with Parallel’s wider ecosystem and PRIME token, is high.

Ultimately navigated by human players, Colony will feature autonomous AI agents called avatars. Initially these will be based on Parallel’s already released Avatars 11,001 NFT PFP collection, which possess skills and capabilities to make independent decisions in their quest for survival. Each of the game’s avatars is unique, with their own set of objectives, and they learn from their individual experiences. Based on this, they’re then able to make autonomous transactions via dedicated web3 wallets they control.

As part of unveiling the Colony whitepaper, Parallel Studios also revealed that the title will deploy on Solana, including its in-game transactions and avatar NFTs. The team’s flagship title, Parallel TCG, is EVM-centric with its NFTs on Ethereum, and is currently in open beta.

Developed closely with Parallel’s wider web3 gaming community called Echelon Prime, Colony and all its assets will be interoperable with Parallel TCG as well as other emerging web3 games, and will leverage the Parallel ecosystem’s native PRIME token. PRIME will be used to pay for both the AI-avatars in Colony, as well as the creation of new avatars and other in-game transactions. 

To that end, the team has also recently announced a partnership with web3 data analytics startup Helika. 

“We’re thrilled to start our long-term partnership with Helika, the leader in game management, UA, and analytics. Helika will help us drive positive unit economics of our games, understand and increase the LTV of our players, drive profitable UA & more,” commented Parallel Studios’ COO Paul Chan.

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