Shrapnel integrates Stardust’s wallet solution

Web3 game infrastructure provider Stardust has announced a strategic collaboration with Shrapnel-developer Neon Machine. 

More particularly, the partnership entails Stardust integrating its Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) in anticipated shooter Shrapnel as well as Neon Machine’s web3 game developer platform Mercury.

More generally, WaaS and similar services provide games with invisible custodial wallets, letting players focus entirely on the games without noticing any of the underlying technology. This is broadly regarded as a critical measure to scale blockchain games and reach gamers beyond the web3 sector. 

To-date, Stardust’s custodial wallet solution has been integrated by around 90 game developers.

Commenting on the integration, Stardust CEO Canaan Linder said, “Working with the Shrapnel team has given us complete conviction that their extraction shooter will bring tens of millions of players into the blockchain gaming space. Together, Stardust and Shrapnel will make web3 gaming mainstream and usher in a new era of gaming.”

Shrapnel Chief Blockchain Officer Marc Mercuri added, “The action in Shrapnel is fast-paced and we needed a wallet solution that was fast enough to keep up with our needs.  Wallets are also critical infrastructure, so it’s essential to have confidence that the team behind it would be there if we hit any issues. Stardust’s performance has been double-digit percentages faster than the other Wallet-as-a-Service products we looked at and we could not ask for more in terms of partnership and engagement from their team.”

Shrapnel, along with its token and NFTs, is deployed on Neon Machine’s own Avalanche subnet, and is currently undergoing a series of early playtests. The next one, STX2, is set to begin 20th March.

Learn more about Stardust Wallet-as-a-Service via its website.

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