Pre-registrations now open prior to Guild of Guardians’ 15th May release

Immutable has announced its much anticipated mobile squad battler Guild of Guardians will be globally released via Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store on 15th May.

The game had previously been in soft launch testing in Canada, Australia and Indonesia where Immutable is keen to point out it gained a 4.9 rating on the App Store.

Revealed in March 2021, Guild of Guardians was originally designed as an action RPG in which the player controlled the movement of their squad of four characters. Since then, however, it’s been reset as an autoplay squad RPG in the vein of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or Raid. This process also resulted in a change of co-development partner, with Chinese outfit Mineloader taking over from Ukrainian developer Stepico.

It will be a key release for Immutable, both in terms of being one of the first titles to launch on its new Immutable zkEVM infrastructure, also using its Passport onboarding and wallet technology.

Prior to the launch, Immutable has also announced an onchain crafting system that allows players to burn the game’s existing set of NFTs in various combinations in return for rewards that will enable them to summon a new series of in-game characters. Labelled The Altar of Sacrifice, it will commence with the Eri’s Grand Opening event on Monday 25th March.

“After years of hard work, we can’t wait for the Guild of Guardians community to see the progress we’ve made. Our efforts are finally paying off with a mobile game that we are all extremely proud of and can’t wait to share with players around the world,” commented Immutable’s chief studio officer Justin Hulog, adding “The ability to sacrifice Prayer NFTs to mint new Guardian NFTs opens unlimited possibilities and adds a completely new level of strategy and competition to the game”.

Guild of Guardians is now available for pre-registration on App Store and Google Play, with players who do so receiving 10 free summons at launch.

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