Updated: What happened to Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics?

Update: Ubisoft has now released the first gameplay footage, as below.

Ubisoft initially announced it was working on its first web3 game Champions Tactics: Grimora Chronicles in June 2023. Then, towards the end of the year, it revealed its 9,999-strong pixelated PFP collection The Warlords, which was a free mint on Ethereum.

The PFPs weren’t in-game characters in and of themselves, but served as tickets for the upcoming mint of playable characters. The developer had announced the latter was taking place in January 2024, but apart from messages on Discord about its delay, there’s not been any official news on that.

Nevertheless, more recently we have been getting a drip-drip of never before seen in-game screens, with the first two demonstrating more of the UI and details of the character stats and attributes, and more.

If nothing else, it does show that this tactical PVP RPG will be one of the best-looking web3 games out there, and offering plenty of tactical options.

Although details are still sparse about the game itself, it’s also worth noting that in the screen, the game account is shown as having 16 characters, each of which can be an NFT. Prior to each PVP battle, players select three characters to create a squad to play. Ubisoft says there will be thousands of unique champions to collect, and users will be able to create their own champions.

Whenever the mint actually happens – on the Japanese gaming blockchain Oasys – each holder of The Warlords PFP collection will get to mint five in-game characters. The game will be free-to-play, so there will also be a route to play with non-NFT characters and presumably level them up to become NFTs.

In related news, Ubisoft has also announced its collaborating with Animoca Brands to integrate Champions Tactics with Mocaverse. Additionally, the company has announced collaborations with Immutable and The Sandbox.

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