Ragnarok Online universe coming to Ronin

Sky Mavis has announced OG gaming IP Ragnarok is launching on its Ronin blockchain in the shape of Ragnarok: Monster World.

The MMORPG, which will launch in Q3 2024, is being developed by Singapore-HQed 0X&, which has licensed the IP from original developer South Korean studio Gravity. Its Ragnarok games have generated billions of dollars in revenue and over 150 million downloads on PC and mobile.

Originally a comic book series, Ragnarok has since expanded to become a transmedia property across games, anime, lunchboxes and pillow cases.

0X& was formed by veterans who have previously worked on projects such as Blade for KakaoShot OnlineCross Fire and games for the LINE network. Ragnarok: Monster World will be its debut title, designed for both web2 and web3 players.

In the game, players collect monsters called Ragmons, train them, and engage in battles, which include tower defense elements to earn rewards through PVP action. There will also be PVE features, guild battles and a campaign mode.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the team behind Axie Infinity, who has spearheaded a new paradigm for P2E and NFTs. I’ve been following the potential of Ronin for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed playing Axie Infinity games. By leveraging the skills of our team members experienced in web2 alongside Sky Mavis’ web3 expertise, we aim to cultivate a stronger gaming and blockchain community.” commented Seokjun Kim, 0X&’s founder. 

As well as various Axie Infinity games, Ronin is currently home to the most popular blockchain game Pixels, with new releases including Apeiron, Wild Forest, The Machines Arena and Kaidro.

You can keep up-to-date on the game’s progress on X and register for the waitlist on the website.

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