Mysten Labs and Gamma bringing VR-based FPS Macht to Sui

Evident not only from the recent announcement of handheld gaming device SuiPlay0X1 at its Sui Basecamp event in Paris, is Mysten Labs’ revitalised focus on gaming. 

A year on since its Sui mainnet launch and initial announcement of the games building on Sui, the company is preparing to launch its next hackathon, of which gaming is one of the categories. Moreover, the company has announced a strategic partnership with US-based gaming company Gamma Interactive, to bring a new game to Sui.

While not much has been revealed yet, the game is a VR-based firstperson shooter called Macht, which Gamma Interactive will now fully focus its resources on. Alongside the game, the developer is also working on a season pass system which will be offered to players via Sui.

Gamma Interactive founder and president commented, “We’re focused on tying burgeoning technologies together to give players maximum value for their investment of time and energy. Sui is ideal for what we want to accomplish and I’m sure players will be excited with what we have in store.”

Gamma Interactive has previously worked on web2 VR arena shooter X8, and mobile puzzle platformer Mash Dash.

In conjunction with launching Sui mainnet in May 2023, Mysten Labs announced 13 initial titles that were launching on its network. While some of those titles have since halted their development, 10 games are currently playable and showcased via Sui’s gaming hub Play Beyond, which launched with 18 titles in September 2023. Some of the games currently listed on the platform include thirdperson shooter Bushi, tank brawler Panzerdogs and creator platform Worlds Beyond

More generally, Sui seems to benefit from the overall positive web3 market performance in 2024, with its SUI token currently in the top 100 crypto on Coingecko with a value of $1.22.

That’s up 234% since its all-time low in October 2023, but consequently down 44% since its recent all-time high in March 2024.

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